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Unveiling Hunter Hall

At the unveiling of the new floors on January 31 atop Hunter Hall, the corridors buzzed with excited Upper and Middle School students. Today, the students and their teachers occupy ten new classrooms equipped with state-of-the- art technology. In all, Hunter Hall has increased from 37,000 sq ft to 47,000 sq ft. “These new floors are crucial to the Campus Redevelopment Project,” Principal Bo Lauder said. “The additional space makes it possible for students and teachers to stay on campus during the next two years as the townhouses are redeveloped.” Julia Bates ’83, Campaign Committee member and parent, commented, “Completing this construction ahead of schedule and on budget is a terrific achievement, especially in New York City. We are encouraged as we continue our efforts to bring Light the Future to fruition.” By adding floors to Hunter Hall and constructing an integrated building behind the Townhouse facades, the School is gaining 83,200 sq ft of improved program space, which includes 40,100 sq ft of new program space and 20,260 sq ft of additional program space. The School will also gain 6,500 sq ft of developed exterior space, six additional classrooms and a Greenhouse classroom, Great Room, Makerspace, Science Labs, Upper School Commons, updated athletic facilities, and a Center for Peace, Equity & Justice.

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