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Accessibility for All

Being an inclusive community and affording an equal experience to all is fundamental to the mission of Friends Seminary. The inaccessibility of our physical campus has meant that we have been unable to achieve this goal. Students, faculty and staff, parents and grandparents have all felt the impact of the constraints of the physical limitations of the School’s facilities.

In the 2010 renovation of Hunter Hall an elevator was added on the eastern end of campus that provided accessiblity to Hunter Hall, the Central Building and the old Schoolhouse. With the construction of the Townhouse building we will add an elevator to the western end of campus. Once the Project is complete, our campus will be 100% ADA accessible. This will allow the School to enroll students and hire faculty with a range of physical abilities, reflecting the School’s commitment to the Quaker testimony of equality.

Upper School Entrance & Circulation


Upper School students will enter through a new doorway on East 16th Street, helping to create the feel of distinct spaces for the School's oldest students. Hallways will seamlessly join Hunter Hall to the new Townhouse building. Along with a new elevator on the western end of the campus, the campus will become accessible to all members of the school community.

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