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A Campus, Reimagined

Anyone who visits the Friends Seminary campus can sense the energy and enthusiasm of its student body and faculty, despite a cramped, outmoded facility and a student body of 750 that has outgrown the charming but quirky assemblage of structures acquired over two centuries of steady expansion.

   To date, we have raised:


Goal of $29m

The Campus Redevelopment Project is a vital step in maintaining Friends Seminary’s commitment to academic excellence. We are counting on the support and ongoing generosity of the Friends community to help the School broaden and modernize the academic program. By dramatically expanding and reconfiguring the current space, we are not only increasing the size of our facilities; we are providing the home for 21st century learning, a stronger community and a facility which addresses the physical needs of all of our community. 

  Current Parent Participation:


Goal of 50%

The Campus Redevelopment Project has three goals:​

The Campus Redevelopment Project is the final initiative of the 2004 Master Plan, which mandated improved spaces for 21st century teaching and learning.
  • The first phase was completed in 2010 with the Lift Every Voice Campaign and provided the Library, the updated Kindergarten classrooms, the Academic Center and art rooms.

  • The Campus Redevelopment Project is the second phase of the 2004 Master Plan, which will be completed in 2019 through the Light the Future Campaign. 

What We Will Gain
  • In all, the Campus Redevelopment Project will impact 83,230 sq ft of space

  • There 40,120 sq ft of new, purpose-built academic space of which 20,260 sq feet is additional space

  • We are improving 6,470 sq ft of outdoor space, of which 1,140 sq ft is additional outdoor space

  • The campus will be fully wheelchair accessible site with a new elevator.

  • Improved infrastructure will feature Cat 6 wiring throughout the campus.

  • The renovated campus and new building will be more energy efficient and contribute to a more sustainable environment

  • The average size of a Friends Seminary classroom will increase by 50 square feet

  • Expanded and sophisticated technology throughout the buildings to accommodate new teaching strategies, blended learning and interactions with students anywhere in the world

  • The phasing of construction means that all students can be accommodated on campus during the building project

  • As responsible stewards of the environment and as good neighbors on a landmarked block, the School will restore the historic facades of the townhouses so that the character of the neighborhood is preserved.


Summer 2016

  • Renovate existing Hunter Hall classrooms with upgraded technology, sinks, and sprinkling system

Winter 2017

  • Complete construction of Hunter Hall

Spring 2017

  • Occupy completed new Hunter Hall floors, Begin demolition of the townhouses,


Summer 2019

  • Complete construction of Townhouses


Fall 2019

  • Occupy new Townhouse building.

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