With seating for up to 275 people, the multi-purpose Great Room will be used for assemblies, concerts, lectures, and alumni and family gatherings. It will add flexibility to the School schedule and increase opportunities for program enrichment. With a moveable wall of glass facing the Inner Courtyard, the Great Room and the courtyard will connect and create the feel of an enclosed quad.


and Garden

Supporting the Quaker testimony of stewardship, the new Greenhouse and Rooftop Garden will allow students to experience hands-on environmental education and sustainability.


Upper School


and Terrace

At long last, Upper School students will have a space of their own.  Part educational and part recreational, this room will allow everything from casual hanging out to collaborative learning to eating, with sun-splashed windows, comfortable seating, and cafeteria tables and direct access to the beautifully landscaped new Terrace.

Enhanced Athletic

and Fitness Spaces

A new rooftop play space will have state-of- the-art turf. The gym will sport a brand-new climbing wall. The yoga and dance studio will be expanded, as will a more modernized fitness center. A retractable acoustical wall between the two can be opened to accommodate even larger groups.


In a dedicated K-6 maker lab, kids are free to create and collaborate in a sophisticated shop environment, whether engaging in the digital arts or experimenting in robotic science or engineering—the latter complete with tools such as laser cutters, drill presses, and 3D printers, and part of the school’s push toward a more intensive and rigorous STEM curriculum.

Flexible Classrooms

Larger and smarter classrooms, with more flexibility and functionality, will create dynamic learning environments that foment collaborative problem-solving. The new construction will add a total of seven new classrooms, and all current classrooms will be increased by 50 square feet. We need spaces to accommodate the modern way of teaching, says Principal Lauder.

Center for Peace, Equity and Justice

For the first time in the School's history, there will be a Center for Peace, Equity and Justice, which is an essential component of a Friends education.  This dedicated space reflects a deep commitment to the Quaker values. By connecting theory to real-world practice, the Center will stress learning through action, equipping students and faculty with global competencies that allow them to realize their human capacity to bring about the world that ought to be. The Center will seek to connect ideas, resources, and people to advance social justice, build inclusive and sustainable communities, and foster lifelong commitments to public service.

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