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Lower & Middle School Science Labs

The Lower School Science Lab will be a space designed specifically for Lower School students and science learning. It will have enough space for a whole calls of students to work and move around in. This means more room for scientific experimentation, such as spreading out to use trays and containers to explore the water cycle or allowing ample space when students launch projectiles from the their own constructed trebuchets. Teachers will be able to set up a permanent station for microscopes, so students can take a close look at specimens they may be investigating.


The Lower School Science Lab is will be located on a Lower School homeroom floor, which will allow students to pay casual visits to the Lab. As the Lab will be across the hall from the K-6 Makerspace, it will facilitate collaborating on joint science and technology projects, benefiting the students and curriculum integration.

The new Middle School Science lab is a huge improvement. The idea paint and multiple white boards allow students to collaborate, problem solve and make their thinking visible to peers on the walls of the classroom. The new furniture allows for flexible groupings.The open layout allows teachers to provide help and monitoring of all students; no longer are the days where students in the corners of the room get less one on one attention from teachers. The increased storage space provide more opportunities for differentiation because multiple labs and materials can be housed in our classroom. For example, in 8th grade, there are parts of the course where students choose the topic they want to learn more about. Each topic has it own set of labs and activities. In the past, this differentiated flexibility could not occur without ample storage space. 

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