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Expanded Lower School Library​


"Imagine a large, bright, cozy space where children, parents and teachers to come together around ideas and technology. Imagine the Lower School Library as a multifunctional space where you may see students in a small group collaborating on an iPad to create a digital story, while elsewhere a student scans the stacks looking for a "just right" book. A whole group may receive interactive Smartboard lessons on digital citizenship or an author may read aloud her Newbery Award Winning book to the entire first grade."

 – Kelly Grimmett, Assistant Head of the Lower School

The expanded Lower School Library will make it possible, for the first time, for a whole class to library time together. Aa consequence, there will be a broader range of library-related activities, such as performances and demonstrations, as well as opportunities to include parents and other members of the community in library-related activities.

The Lower School Library already serves as a hub, and with more space, its centrality will grown as it can accomodate more of the Friends community.

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