Connecting the Centuries: The New Townhouse Building

Over the last four decades, the leadership of Friends Seminary had the foresight to purchase the three townhouses that adjoin Hunter Hall. The 2004 Master Plan, one of the first projects tackled by Principal Bo Lauder at the beginning of his tenure, envisioned integrating the townhouses to maximize the space for teaching and learning. Designed by Kliment Hasband Architects, the Townhouse Building will be a purpose-built educational facility, completely integrated with Hunter Hall, which will stand behind three fully restored 19th century façades. These two connected buildings will create a fully accessible campus.

With demolition planned for this summer, the first step is to salvage architectural elements such as pocket doors, fireplaces, tiles and pier mirrors.

“Repurposing these elements reflects our Quaker emphasis on stewardship of resources,” Principal Bo Lauder said. “These beautiful 19th century details will add character to the new spaces and recall the happy days we have spent in these buildings.”

Later in the spring, the façades will be braced and the surrounding ground secured. Following the demolition, permanent structural supports for the façades will be installed and the construction of the new integrated building will begin.

The Persian tiles from the 212 foyer is being salvaged prior to the Townhouse construction.

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